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Seismic Detonators

daveydet®SR are high strength electric detonators designed to provide accurate, secure and reliable initiation of all detonator sensitive explosives used in seismic surveys. Davey Bickford, the producers of daveydet®SR detonators, is recognized for its ability to design and manufacture initiation systems which can be operated in the extremely hostile environments, common to geophysical exploration. daveydet®SR detonators offer a maximized accuracy in geophysical data acquisition surveys.

DAVEYDET SR Seismic detonator - Copper

daveydet®SR copper detonators are equipped with copper leadwires. These are considered the standard in geophysical exploration.

For further information:
Data Information sheet - daveydet®SR copper [PDF 192kB]
Material Safety Data sheet - daveydet®SR copper [PDF 115kB]

DAVEYDET SR Seismic detonator - Steel

The daveydet®SR steel version is equipped with galvanized steel leadwires. These wires offer ESD protection and excellent resistance to abrasion and water. This change has led to a significant increase in the technical capabilities of these detonators, making them ideal for use in the most difficult environments.

For further information:
Data Information sheet - daveydet®SR steel [PDF 193kB]
Material Safety Data sheet - daveydet®SR steel [PDF 115kB]

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