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Environmental Services and Offerings

Within the service offerings available from GSS – the company has the technical expertise and state of the art, high resolution equipment to carry out a large variety of environmental assessments, measurement and analysis.

With the unique knowledge and understanding gained from deep strata environments experienced in exploration industries, GSS have the ability to apply advanced technology and understanding to near surface environmental monitoring.

This includes applications such as

  • Blast induced vibration and air blast measurement
  • Structural monitoring in relation to vibration activity
  • Traffic vibration and noise level measurement
  • Construction activity - rock breaking, excavation etc
  • Heavy Earthmoving machinery

Blast Induced Vibration and Air Blast Measurement

At the top of the list for blast induced vibration and the potential environmental effects lies aggregate production. New Zealand’s aggregate production totals some 50 million tonnes per annum. This equates to approximately 11 tonnes of aggregate used for every single person in the country every year, this figure is 30% higher than that of the USA and over 50% higher than Australia.

jBesides Quarrying as the main contributor to blast induced vibration; other industries also have an impact on local residents, structures and infrastructure. These include mining, mineral exploration, tunnelling, roading projects and construction blasting projects

GSS offer a variety of services in relation to blast induced vibration that include environmental auditing, measurement auditing and compliance, regression analysis and blast design.

In instances where local regulatory bodies may require an independent unbiased opinion or environmental audit on any form of blasting activity – Global Seismic Solutions has the expertise to ensure full environmental compliance is being achieved at all times.

Structural Monitoring in Relation to Vibration Activity

Depending on local and regional council requirements, there are several standards adopted within New Zealand that determine the methodology of environmental measurement in relation to near surface vibration.

DIN 4150 Part III: 1986 or 1999-02

NZS/ ISO 2631 – 2: 1989


Depending upon which standard has been adopted by each authority; GSS will provide relevant measurement data and methodology in accordance with the adopted standard.

The data gathered and analysed will be in relation to each specific standard – whether for frequency related measurement of activity, or where peak measurement and human response assessments would be required.

Traffic Vibration and Noise Level Measurement

Global Seismic Solutions utilises state of the art equipment that offers a highly flexible monitoring system. The ability to continuously measure for days on end ensures accurate and complete analysis of traffic induced outputs.

mThe system can be set to trigger to specific events and thresholds while also simultaneously measuring ambient background levels, at up to 4 separate locations in proximity to each other processing multiple sensor data and recording for later analysis.

Situations such as increased traffic volumes, geographic amendments, or alternate traffic characteristics can lead to significantly increased negative environmental effects. GSS offers a solution in terms of recording and analysis of data for local body assessment in line with the relevant standard. This data can be critical in terms of potential future mitigation in relation to damage of structures and buildings surrounding the effected area.

Construction Activity – Rock Breaking, Excavation etc.

Ever increasing demand and intensified land use, typically leads to construction activity being carried out in high density residential or industrial areas.

GSS has been involved in several projects where concerns have been raised from owners of structures or buildings as to the potential damage caused by construction activity from nearby operations.

As with traffic measurement – the equipment utilised is able to continuously measure every aspect and detail of small or large scale civil operations.


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