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Geoprime dBX™

Geoprime dBX™ is the only commercial seismic explosive designed, engineered and formulated by the seismic data industry. dBX was conceived by a geophysicist, engineered by source engineering, formulated and manufactured by Dyno Nobel and field proven in a variety of geographic areas with results achieving 25-35% spectra frequency gain.

dBX™ is a specially formulated, high density, high energy, detonator sensitive seismic explosive designed exclusively to meet the rigid requirements and environmental extremes associated with geophysical exploration. Offering moderate velocity and extraordinarily low gas production, dBX™ produces improved seismic energy across usable bandwidth for superior final data as well as improved signal-to-noise ratios. Unlike other seismic explosive products, dBX™ has a limited sensitivity life. Its unique composition and special packaging feature (self-disarming disk) provide a "time release" mechanism that ultimately desensitizes the charge in wet boreholes.

For further information:
Data Information Sheet - Geoprime dBX™ [PDF 366kB]
Material Information Sheet - Geoprime dBX™ [PDF 27kB]

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