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Services » Environmental Compliance

Environmental Compliance

GSS offers a range of environmental compliance services, including:

  • Environmental monitoring for shot hole design specification for seismic acquisition
  • Vibrational studies for different national standards, eg: Australian, German
  • Structural monitoring
  • Blast and other vibrations monitoring

GSS undertakes all environmental compliance services using the Kelunji EchoPro Seismic Recorder. The EchoPro is available with 6 or 12 external channels, all with high dynamic range 24 bit digitisers, sampling at up to 2kHz.

Kelunji EchoPro

The 'Kelunji Echo Pro' provides the latest in innovation and technology for any surface seismic attenuation recording. This includes earthquake monitoring, traffic and construction measurement, large scale blast induced vibration and source point attenuation within the oil gas and coal exploration industries.

The system is capable of measuring up to 2000 samples per second at 24 bit resolution. With an in built high gain GPS module, and the ability to utilise up to 12 channels off each unit – this Echo Pro is perfect for environmental research projects in relation to blast induced vibration, including seed hole and regression analysis.

For further information:

Data Information Sheet - Kelunji EchoPro [PDF 685kB]
Data Information Sheet - Blasting Measurement Microphone [PDF 365kB]
Data Information Sheet - SM-6 Geophone [PDF 192kB]


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